How can I become a Member?

Simple, Come see us on a Tuesday Night.  We're at the fire station from 7:00 until 10:30 or so.  Come down and visit, see what we are doing. 

 There are lots of ways to contribute to your local fire department.   Not everyone who joins wants to jump through second story windows into burning buildings.  Some of our members drive trucks, manage traffic, or manage pumps.  Whatever skill you bring, we can put to it use within the department. 

If you are interested in becoming a member, you'll need to complete an application form, which can be found here

What training do I need?

On most Tuesday nights we do training, either in the station or nearby.  We'll give you an orientation to the vehicles and the equipment.  Once you become familar with the basic operation of our department you'll have the opportunity to take the Firefighter I course.  This course, which combines classroom knowledge with practical experience, is the standard for firefighters across Canada.


The course is offered locally, usually three or four departments get together to put on a course.  Sometimes it is held a central location, while other times it moves from week to week among the participating departments. 

We also offer Firefighter II training, which takes you beyond the basic fireground procedures to deal with some of the other aspects of firefighting.


In addition, several times each year, there are opportunities to train with other departments and use training resources that we don't have at our own station.  Many of our members have been in flashover simulators, maze trailers, and smoke towers and they share these experiences with the rest of us when they return.

Why Join?

As a volunteer organization, we are always looking for new members.  We don't ask for a huge time commitment, and you can control your level of involvement. 

Our members look forward to Tuesday night meetings, where they learn skills and solve problems.  Each member brings a unique skill set to the department and together we accomplish some pretty amazing things.  Often one member will see a potential problem, a second member will see a solution, and a third member will implement it. 

As mentioned before, there are jobs for every skill set, both at the station and on the fire scene.  Come by and visit, see what you think.  Hopefully you'll see the merits in volunteering with the LRFD!


Firefighter Application Form.pdf