New Truck at Long Reach Fire

Post date: Nov 03, 2018 7:5:35 PM

 Long Reach Fire has taken delivery of a 2018 Freightliner Rescue / Command truck. This vehicle, built by Metalfab in Centerville will carry our auto extrication tools, breathing apparatus and our protective bunker gear.  This truck features some new innovations that will aid both our response times and our ability to deliver services to our residents.  The extended cab has seating for 5, with spaces for self contained breathing apparatus to be mounted in the seats.  This will allow firefighters to get geared up more quickly on calls.  LED lighting and on-board power generation will make for brighter, safer emergency scenes at night.  

 This truck has storage space for all of our rescue gear as well as for 12 sets of firefighters' protective clothing.  The large roll up doors on either side of the back of the truck contain pull out tool boards where our hydraulic auto extrication tools (jaws of life) and other hand tools are organized and ready if needed.  Additionally, this truck will serve as a command post on large incidents, and the heated interior will provide firefighters with a place to rehab during extended calls in cold weather.