Retired Chief Bud White Receives Fourth Award of the Exemplary Fire Service Medal

Post date: Nov 12, 2014 9:8:53 PM

    Retired Long Reach Fire Department Chief Bud White has received the Fourth Award of the Governor General's Fire Service Exemplary Service Medal. This award is only given after the recipient has completed 60 years of service to the fire department, but it is more than just a long service award. As the name suggests, the award is only given to individuals who provide exemplary service within the fire department.


    Chief White joined the department in 1954, only two years after the formation of the LRFD. In those early years, the department was very much a community effort. A pump was carried on the back of a truck, and when a call came in, any available community members who could help would respond. Later, a second hand forestry truck was purchased, and eventually, a fire station was built to house the growing department.


    Through all of this, Mr. White has been on hand to guide and shape the department. When, at a community meeting, it was decided that there should be a chief to run the day to day operations of the fire department, Bud was elected to fill that role.


    In 2009, Chief White decided to step away from the role of Chief, handing the reigns of the department to Randy Gowlett. However, he has stayed on as a member and still responds to emergencies and helps to lead new members in training and community events. Congratulations on your long and distinguished service to the residents of the Kingston Peninsula


Retired Chief Bud White receiving exemplary service medal from Chief Randy Gowlett