Pump 1

Our "First Out" truck is a 2020 Freightliner combination pumper tanker built by MetalFab, in Centreville, NB.  The Freightliner is a top mount pumper, with a 1050 gallon per minute Hale pump and a 1200 gallon polypropylene tank. It also has two 20 gallon built in foam tanks, which can be controlled from the main pump panel. Other improvements on this vehicle, include seat mounted SCBA packs, so that firefighters can suit up on the way to emergency scenes, as well as suction lines mounted low on the body so that firefighters can access them without climbing onto the roof of the truck.

This is our 2009 GMC 5500 1 ton. This truck was purchased from NB Power where it had been outfitted with a cargo box.

The truck was sent to Debway Manufacturing in Saint John for conversion from cargo van to fire truck. The box was removed, and the truck body from our former fast response truck was fitted onto the frame. Debway also extended the body by constructing two new cabinets and painted the truck and body.

This truck carries 300 gallons of water, a 300 gpm pump as well as many of the firefighters' protective fire suits and two sets of breathing apparatus. Its primary use is to get gear and water to the scene quickly. It also allows the fire department to access some of the smaller lanes and driveways within our coverage area

Rescue 2

Tank 3

This 2003 Sterling carries 1250 gallons of water and a 1050 GPM pump. This truck served as our primary attack vehicle on structure fires from 2005 - 2010, and is equipped with an integrated foam system, as well as a 1500 gallon porta tank. Also on board are two sets of self contained breathing apparatus, a 2000W generator, a positive pressure ventilation fan a 12' roof ladder, and a 20' extension ladder. The top mount pump panel provides the operator with an excellent overview of the fire scene.


This 2012 Sierra 2500 serves as a fireground support vehicle and crew transportation vehicle. As well, this truck is equipped to haul the department's off road rescue trailer and equipment

In 2021, this truck got a mid life facelift with the most notable change being a colour change from grey to red.

Truck 4

Rescue 5


This  2018 Freightliner Rescue / Command truck, built by Metalfab in Centerville carries our auto extrication tools, breathing apparatus and our protective bunker gear.  On most calls, it is the second truck to leave our fire station.