Keeping up with the Jones's

Post date: Jan 16, 2013 1:31:29 PM

Volunteering for fire service is unlike any other commitment to your community. The Jones family is a great example of the heart and dedication of firefighters – and the families that support them.

Thane Jones has been an active member of the Long Reach Fire Department for over 30 years.  In that time, he’s been on hundreds of calls, and as Captain, has helped to train and guide dozens of members.     Lately, he’s found a new way to help; recruitment.  Captain Jones’ four sons have all recently joined the department, starting with his eldest son Isaac who joined in 2006.   In 2010, Thane’s second son Matt joined.  Both Matt and Isaac have jumped into the fire service with both feet.  Both have attained their firefighter 1 certification and have proved themselves to be invaluable on calls and during training.

More recently, Captain Jones’ two younger sons have joined the LRFD family; Samuel in 2011 and William in 2012.  Both are currently junior firefighters, with Samuel scheduled to begin his Firefighter 1 training later this year.

Thane and his wife Karen live quite close to the LRFD station, so when a call comes in, it’s not unusual to have a whole crew of ‘Jones firefighters’ arriving at the station in one vehicle, immediately after the initial call.   Other members joke that “It’s alright, we can relax now, the Jones brigade has arrived on the scene!”

The Jones's of the LRFD -  From left to right; Isaac, Samuel, Thane, William and Matt