LRFD Replaces Truck 4

Post date: Jan 23, 2015 1:24:30 PM

 Remember this Vehicle?

LRFD has taken Truck 4 out of service. The 1995 Ford Econoline Van had served as the department's equipment truck for the past 12 years. Originally an ambulance, the van was donated to the Fire Department when the Kingston Peninsula Ambulance Service was disbanded to make way for Ambulance New Brunswick.

On Wednesday, members of the LRFD took the van to Fredericton, where it will be sold at auction. The van will be replaced by a 2012 Sierra 2500. This truck will fill essentially the same role as the van, carrying equipment, and shuttling members during fire operations. In addition, the new truck will serve as the primary response vehicle for our newly expanded mandate to perform off road rescue. Eventually, the vehicle will be equipped to support remote and water rescue operations.


Members will be working over the next few days and weeks to equip the new truck and put it into service.  It won't be painted immediately, so if you see a silver truck out on the roads with red lights headed to a fire, be aware that it's us!

The new "Truck 4".  It doesn't look much like a fire truck yet, but we'll get there!